Thursday, 4 December 2014

Letters I've Never Sent.

Hey there, 

My name is Heather Winter, and I have been writing a book/concept for a little while now, and I need your help! The book is called Letters I've Never Sent and is a compilation of letters that people have written in the heat of the moment but never sent to their respective recipients.The book will contain all the letters I have written, most of them written to one person and to myself. To show my struggle, love, loneliness, anger, and acceptance.

This is where you guys come in. I would love if you would share your letters with me, about anything at all! I want people around the world to understand that they're not alone in the way that they're feeling and that if we all feel alone, then we are together in that. I don't want your letters to collect dust at the bottom of a drawer or get lost in the deepest confines of your computer. I want you to know that your letters have significant meaning, even if you didn't send them. You wrote them, you took pen to paper and trusted that it was the best way to reveal what was in your heart. 

This project and book means the world to me, I've been feeling so alone lately and then one day I walked around my room and found a letter I had written and then didn't send. I wondered for a minute if I really was alone in the way I was feeling and wondered how many letters were out there, sitting in unsealed envelopes waiting to be read. Now here I am, asking for your help. 

If you want to send me your letters please email me at and/or share this post with all of your friends. To give you an idea of the kinds of letters I'm collecting, some of the ones I have gotten so far have been about break-ups, divorce, acceptance, coming out, huge life changes, bullying, etc. Nothing is off-limits, and it can be as short or as long as you want. I will also be posting on here as often as I can with my own letters and thoughts, as well as posting some of your letters, if you will allow it. All letters will remain anonymous unless specified otherwise. All the information I will need for letters remaining anonymous are the state or province in which you live and one word that describes what the letter is about (this is for both, not just anonymous). Thank you to everyone who has contributed and who have yet to contribute. I am so thankful.